About Emily Bayuk

Emily is a junior Electrical Engineer with a minor in Russian at BucknellU.

It is her mission to close engineering's gender gap by hand-writing & illustrating books about STEM to inspire young girls.

Inside Electronics, Book 1: Understanding Circuits


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"A book like Bayuk's is an excellent way to make [the engineering field] feel more approachable to young students, and open up a whole new world of academic and career possibilities for girls."



Inside Electronics

This series is designed to be a fun introduction to teach and inspire middle school and older elementary students—especially girls, who seem to be less involved in STEM programs—about electronics by using fun visual aids and easily comprehensible explanations.


It wasn’t until Bayuk's physics class during her junior year of high school that she discovered circuits. She was fascinated immediately and wished she learned about the topic earlier in her education. After conducting her own further studies, she realized many of the resources she found were geared towards high school and college students. Bayuk wants to change this, which is why she created The Fundamentals of Circuits Made Easy, the first book in her series: Inside Electronics.